Smoking Tires Racing Series Rulebook

Current Season: 4


The rules established in this document are effective immediately.

Questions, comments, or concerns may be brought to an admin team member.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Participation Information. 3

Section 1.1: Entry Fee. 3

Section 1.2: Licence Requirements 3

Section 1.3: Rookie Status 4

Section 1.4: Driver Removal 4

Section 1.5: Practice Requirements 4

Section 1.6: Qualifing Requirements 4

Section 2: Point System – Play-Off Format 5

Section 2.1: Driver Points 5

Section 2.2: Stage Points 6

Section 2.3: Team Points 7


Section 2.4: Point Deductions 8

Section 2.5: Play-Off Format 9

Section 3: Race Control 10

Section 3.1: Communication & RACE Etiquette. 10

Section 3.2: Starts, Restarts, Caution’s & General rules 10

Section 3.3: Black Flags 11

Section 3.4: Connection / Hardware Issue. 11

Section 3.5: Penalties, Suspension, Probation. 11

Section 3.6: Reporting, Appeals & Race Review.. 12

Section 4: Teams. 13

Section 4.1: Team Creation. 13

Section 5: Car Numbers. 13

Section 5.1: Car Numbers 13

Section 6: Paint Schemes. 14

Section 6.1: Paint Schemes 14

Section 7: Live Streaming / Broadcasting.. 14

Section 7.1: Streaming. 14

Section 7.2: Broadcasting. 14

Section 8: Event Schedules. 15

Section 8.1: Series Infomation. 15

Section 8.2: Official Race Night Info. 15

Section 8.3: Practice Session Info. 15

Section 8.4: Race Session Info. 15

Section 10: Admin Team.. 17

Section 11: Social Media. 17

Section 1: Participation Information

Section 1.1: Entry Fee

  • There is a non-refundable $5 entry fee for all drivers to gain entry to the Cup Series.
  • Payment is to be made via: Gift iracing Dollars
  • All drivers must have their entry fee paid in full one week prior to the first event of the season.
  • Any new driver, once accepted into the league, must have paid their entry fee prior to be allowed to enter an official event.
  • If a driver is accepted into the league on Sunday, they must have their entry fee paid up prior to 6PM EST before being allowed to enter that night’s race session.
  • This minimal entry fee will help the admin team partially cover costs of the Practice and/or Race Sessions.

Section 1.2: Licence Requirements

  • NEW Driver(s) wishing to participate in the STRS Cup Series must have completed at minimum 50 official iracing series races in any licenses level (Oval). A minimum C-Class license is recommended.
  • As the STRS Cup Series runs at minimum 1 Road course each season, all Participating drivers should have run at minimum 15 official iracing series Road Courses in any car/series. A minimum C-Class license is recommended.
  • All Current Active Drivers that are in good standing with the league and who have participated in a race in any previous STRS Cup Series Season are grandfathered in and do not need to meet the above requirements.
  • Any driver(s) who only have an Oval/Road Rookie or D Class License will be required to be interviewed by the admin team prior to participating in any official STRS Official Race.
  • Dirt Oval/Road Licenses will not be looked at as the Series does not have any Official Dirt Races on the Season 4 schedule.
  • If any of the above requirements have not been met, an interview must be conducted with the admin team to review the driver’s eligibility to the Series.
  • If the Driver(s) run mostly in leagues as opposed to official iracing series, the admin team will ask the driver(s) to provide links to those leagues so they can review the driver(s) stats for eligibility into the STRS.

Section 1.3: Rookie Status

  • All “NEW” Drivers will be considered a Rookie for the purpose of being eligible for the Rookie of the Year Award. (New Starting Season 4)
  • Rookie status will be in effect for the first season to which they have been accepted into the series.
  • Drivers must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to run for or receive the Rookie of the Year award.
    • Must have run no more than five total races in any previous season prior to the start of Season 4.
    • Must have participated in 66% of the scheduled races for the season to which they are running to be eligible to receive the Rookie of the Year award.
    • For Season 4 Rookie drivers will be required to have run a minimum 11 races to meet the Rookie of the Year eligibility.

Section 1.4: Driver Removal

  • The series admin team may at any time remove any driver(s) who have been determined to be unsafe on track and/or are disrespectful to the admin team or other STRS member(s).
    • Drivers must compete in 75% of the season for the declared series they have registered for. Drivers failing to complete this will need to notify the admin team of the conflicts or they will face potential removal from the league. Many reasons are accepted without penalty but the discussion must occur so we can ensure we can maintain full fields.

Section 1.5: Practice Requirements

  • During official race sessions, all drivers must have turned at minimum 15 practice laps (Ovals) or 10 practice laps (Road Course) unless otherwise previously discussed with admin team.
  • Any driver who fails to post any practice laps may receive additional penalty points if they are found to have caused incidents on track due to lack of practice. (After the post race review has been done).
  • Drivers who do not meet the minimum lap requirement will receive an EOL and will stat the race at the tail end of the field.

Section 1.6: Qualifing Requirements  

  • All drivers must attempt to post a competitive qualifying time. If any driver does not post a qualifying time, they must then start the race from “Pit Lane”.
  • An EOL may be issued instead if the driver(s) and Admin team have come to an agreement prior to the start of the qualifying period.

Section 2: Point System – Play-Off Format

Section 2.1: Driver Points

Drivers point system for each event:

  • Will be using Pre-2011 NASCAR Points System. (See below)
  • Start on pole, +1 Championship point.
  • Lead one or more laps, +1 Championship point.
  • Lead the most laps, +1 Championship point.
  • Finish race with zero incident points, +2 Championship points (Driver must have completed 80% of the scheduled race laps)
  • The STRS now run a Quad-Core Series which will be run at Daytona, Indianapolis, Michigan & Pocono. These races will be 300 miles in length.
  • Any Driver who wins a Quad-Core Series race will be awarded 10 Bonus Championship Points.
  • Any driver who wins all 4 of the Quad-Core Series races will be awarded a $50 Cash Prize or Gift Card of their choice.

Section 2.2: Stage Points

  • Oval Races will have 2 Stage breaks. Road Courses/Rovals will have 1 stage break.
  • Stage Points will be awarded to the top 10 drivers at each stage break as follows:
    • 1st +10, 2nd +9, 3rd +8, 4th +7, 5th +6 etc.
  • A Caution flag will be thrown once the leader has completed the posted stage lap.
    • i.e.: If Stage 1 is set for Lap 25, The Caution Flag will be thrown once the leader starts lap 26 thus having completed 25 laps.
  • If a sim thrown caution is thrown within 5 laps of the posted stage lap a stage caution will not be thrown again at the designated stage lap. Example, if the Stage is set for lap 25 and the sim throws a caution at lap 20 then no caution flag will be thrown for said stage.
  • In the above listed case, all stage points will still be awarded at the official posted stage lap. So, stage points will be awarded at the completion of lap 25.

Section 2.3: Team Points

  • Team Points are the sum of the top two drivers per team per event.
    • Driver’s drop weeks are factored into the final team standings.

See Section 4 for Team/Driver Limits


Cash and prizes to be awarded throughout the season.

See chart below for prize pay-out break down.

Section 2.4: Point Deductions

2.4A – Drivers who reach a total of 17 sim issued incident points in any race will automatically be disqualified and removed from the event.

Additional penalty points (after a post-race review) may be assigned based on the nature of the incident(s).

2.4B – As a result of any disciplinary action by the admin team and under various circumstances, a driver or team may be deducted additional championship points.

2.4C – The number of points will be dependent on the severity of the incident.

2.4D – Types of incidents but not limited to those drivers can receive addition penalty deductions:

  • BlockingDrivers can make one defensive move. If a driver makes multiple defensive moves, then this is considered Blocking, and penalty points may be assigned after reviewing post-race.Avoidable ContactAfter the post-race report has been completed, driver(s) who have been tagged for an avoidable contact incident will receive a warning for the first avoidable contact incident during that event. If the same type of incident happens a second time in the same event the driver(s) will be penalized championship points. All subsequent incidents of the same type in the same event will see the penalty increase.Drivers who have multiple races with Avoidable Contacts Incidents risk being put on probation, suspended and/or removed from the Series.Example of penalties:
  • Lap 5 Car #00 receives warning for an avoidable contact.
  • Lap 10 Car #00 receives 2nd avoidable contact warning, Car #00 penalized 1 champ point.
  • Lap 15 Car #00 received a 3rd avoidable warning, Car #00 penalized 5 champ points.  
  • Contact Under CautionAny Car that contacts another car during a caution period will be penalized.

There is no grey area here. Drivers need to be always in command of their cars. 1st instance is -1 championship points and increase with each additional incident during the season.

  • Car Control

Drivers must always have control of their cars and can be penalized for but not limited to some of the following incident types:

  • Multiple Self Spins in the same event
  • Not holding brakes after being involved in an incident or wreck.
  • Jumping Starts and/or Re-starts.
  • Intentionally stopping on track to bring out a caution or cause a caution period to be extended.

Section 2.5: Play-Off Format


ROUND of 12 – Talladega – Dover

  • Top 12 in the overall points standings qualify for the play-offs (Daytona through to Michigan).
  • Top 12 drivers have their points reset to 2000.
  • Drivers who win at Talladega & Dover automatically advance to the Round of 8.
  • After Dover, the 4 lowest drivers in the play-off standings are eliminated.

ROUND of 8 – Pocono – Charlotte ROVAL

  • Top 8 drivers have their points reset to 3000.
  • Drivers who win at Pocono & Charlotte ROVAL automatically advance to the Championship 4.
  • After Charlotte ROVAL, the 4 lowest drivers in the play-off standings are eliminated.

CHAMPIONSHIP 4 – Charlotte Oval

  • Top 4 drivers have their points reset to 4000.
  • Driver with the best points total at the end of the race wins the championship.
  • Playoff drivers do not earn any stage points at Charlotte.

Section 3: Race Control

Currently Race Control is managed by current admin team members.

Section 3.1: Communication & RACE Etiquette

  • All drivers are expected to maintain professional communication over the open radio. There are various streams and broadcasts going on throughout all events.
  • Drivers are expected to drive smart; realizing the race “is a marathon not a sprint” and not won on the first lap. Any aggressive driving may result in black flags or being parked for reckless driving.
  • All drivers must have a working mic during the race to call out their pit entries and exits.
  • Teams can use the in-game iracing radio to create a team channel or they can use the Discord provided team channel to speak to drivers on their own team.
  • The open race channel in iracing is not meant to be used for regular chatter during green flag runs or for flaming other drivers.

Section 3.2: Starts, Restarts, Caution’s & General rules

  • All races will begin double file rolling starts.
  • Restarts after caution periods will be double file.
  • Road course races will have local cautions only (With the exception of the Stage Break Caution Period)
  • The leader has control of all Starts & Re-Starts once the Pace Trucks has pulled off the track. To be considered “Pulled off the Track” the Pace Truck must have passed the “Pit Entry Commitment Line” prior to the leader taking off.
  • Drivers are not to lay back and/or brake check other drivers.
  • No more than a maximum 1 car length between cars is acceptable.
  • If at the start or restart the track becomes blocked due to an incident, race control may throw a caution flag (Ovals and Road Courses) and clear any black flags that may have been issued.
  • There is to be no racing or passing on the apron (Under the Yellow or White lines) at all events. The apron is NOT defined as a racing surface in the STRS.
  • Drivers though can use the apron during qualifying.
  • Examples of tracks, but not limited to, where there is to be no passing/racing on the front stretch aprons, Auto Club, Chicagoland, Kansas, Kentucky, Las Vegas to name just a few.
    • Any driver seen or being reported driving or making passes on the apron will receive a verbal warning over the in-sim chat by Race Control. If said driver continues to drive or pass on the apron after this warning, they will receive a Stop & Go black flag. Additional Post Race penalties may also be assessed.
  • Drivers are asked to call out all Pit Entries and Pit Exits.
  • Pit Entries are track specific and can either be from turn 2, 3 or from turn 4. Drivers should make efforts to get to know where these are and practice their entries as some tracks are difficult to get to when pitting under a green flag run.
  • When exiting the pits drivers should not merge back on the track until they are past the Blue Cone (Most tracks have them out of turn 2). Drivers exiting pit lane have priority to the bottom lane upon exit so they can get their car up to speed. 
  • Drivers that are on track must allow cars exiting the pits access to the lower lane.

Section 3.3: Black Flags

  • Black Flags are determined by the in-game race control due to the lack of independent race control. We understand that sometimes glitches happen, if an error occurs, please calmly and clearly request race control to clear the flag by stating the reason for the flag and why you believe it should be cleared. To note: NOT ALL BLACK FLAGS WILL BE CLEARED!
  • Listed are some examples of flags that will NOT be cleared:
    • Speeding in the pits
    • Improper pit entry or pit exit
    • Illegal Passing on the start or restart
    • Too much damage

Section 3.4: Connection / Hardware Issue

  • Drivers who experience connection or hardware issue which causes unfavorable situations to other drivers (Flashing / Blinking) they will be notified by Race Control, these drivers are expected to keep themselves clear of the other drivers, slow down to the apron or pits and attempt to repair the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved, or the driver refuses to follow this standard, race control will issue a black flag. If the driver serves the black flag and the same issue(s) continues then the driver may be parked removed from the event.

Section 3.5: Penalties, Suspension, Probation

  • The admin team will review all reported incidents (See section 3.6) that takes place during an event after the completion of said event. Upon review, if the admin team determines unsportsmanlike driving was the cause of an incident the driver(s) involved may be deducted championship points, placed on probation and/or suspended for a race(s). Post-race reports will be posted on Discord.

Section 3.6: Reporting, Appeals & Race Review

  • All drivers have the right to report an incident and express their concerns to the admin team. Simply save a clip and contact the admin team to request a review. Our admin team/race control are humans and make mistakes, if you believe you were punished unnecessarily or unfairly you may contact the admin team to set up an appeal request.
  • When submitting an Incident Report, please make sure all details are included. This will require either screen shorts of video clips.
  • Drivers must include their full name/car #, Lap # of the incident, Full description of the incident being appealed.
  • Simply sending in an appeal asking the admin team to review all incidents for a certain driver is not a valid appeal request. 
  • Types of incidents that appeals can be sent in for: 
    • Intentional Wrecking or Contact
    • Blocking
    • Flaming or Communication
  • Once a Post-Race Report has been posted in Discord, Drivers can Appeal the results if they feel the penalty assigned is unjustified. All Appeals must be submitted within 48 hours of when the post-race report has been posted on Discord.

Section 4: Teams

Section 4.1: Team Creation

  • Teams are encouraged to be established to compete for a Team Championship and bragging rights. Teams must be set prior to the start of the 4th race of the season.
  • A Team can have a maximum of 4 drivers.
  • The top two drivers each race will score team championship points for the event for which they participate.
  • Teams are given their own text chat and radio channels in Discord. Leadership and requirements for the teams are not determined by the league.
  • If a driver leaves a team during an active season, they cannot join another team until after that current season has been completed.
  • New drivers who join the Series after the 4th race of the current season may join a team if that Team remains under the 4 maximum driver limit.
  • Drivers may also run as independent driver with no affiliation to any Team.

Section 5: Car Numbers

Section 5.1: Car Numbers

  • Car number requests should be made to the admin team using Discord once you have been accepted into the series.
  • All car numbers should be Single or Two digit. The STRS does not use 3-digit car numbers.
  • Once a car # has been approved the drivers should change their nickname in Discord to their full name and #, example – John Doe #1.
  • Car #’s are assigned by seniority. Drivers who are in good standing with the series have priority to their car numbers. New drivers once approved to the series should make a request with a minimum 3 potential number they would like.
  • Once a driver leaves the series, their car number becomes available to any driver.
  • Cars #’s can only be changed during the off season. Exceptions can be made for various reasons but only after having been presented to the admin team and approved.

Section 6: Paint Schemes

Section 6.1: Paint Schemes

  • Drivers may run any paint scheme if the scheme is generally not inappropriate / offensive to others.
  • During any Broadcasted event, all driver paint schemes will need to be approved by the admin team.
  • Drivers must have a paint scheme where the Series assigned car # is visible.

Section 7: Live Streaming / Broadcasting

Section 7.1: Streaming

  • All drivers can stream the events, it is requested that our series title Smoking Tires Racing Series be included to help promote the league and gain further recruitment.
  • At this time only administration and broadcasters may list / advertise their streams in the Discord general chat channels and Facebook pages.

Section 7.2: Broadcasting

Section 8: Event Schedules

Section 8.1: Series Infomation

  • Cup Series – Sunday Nights – Current Active Series – 17 Races – 2 Drop Weeks
  • Truck Series – Coming Soon
  • ARCA Series – A Possible Future Series using the current ARCA car or the Legacy Chevy SS 2013/Ford Fusion 2016 cars.

Section 8.2: Official Race Night Info

  • Cup Series – Season 4 starts 2021-08-01.
  • Sunday Night, Practice Opens 6PM EST / Qualify 7:55PM EST & Race 8PM EST
  • Road Courses Qualifying will starts at 7:50 PM EST.
  • SETUP – FIXED (Track dependent)

Section 8.3: Practice Session Info

The Wednesday night practice session has been eliminated. An extra hour of practice has been added to the official Sunday night session.

To note, practice sessions can be put up at any time with minimal notice by members of the admin team and/or league members.

Section 8.4: Race Session Info

Sunday Night Cup Series

All Sessions will be 4 hours long. (Quad-Core and Special events will be longer)

1 hour 50 to 1 hour 55-minutes practice sessions allow drivers time to practice.

5 to 10-minutes qualifying session (based on Oval or Road)

Actual race session will be 2 hours – Either total scheduled laps or time limit due to cautions.

Fixed Set-ups – 1 reset only on Superspeedways and Road Courses

Drivers will be assigned between 4-6 sets of tires per race, Varies based on track.

2 Stage Cautions on Ovals, 1 Stage Caution of Road Courses/Rovals.
Top 10 will receive stage points (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1)
Bonus points for Pole, leading a lap, leading most laps, and having Zero Inc.
Drivers who get 17x will be disqualified from the race.
Road Courses are set at 150 miles
Short Ovals, and tracks under 1.5-mile are set at 175 miles
Tracks 1.5 miles for longer are set at 200 miles.

Quad-Core Series races are 300 Miles.


Section 10: Admin Team

Robert Blouin – Owner

Adam Ball

Chadd Hatlevig

Reece Kelva

Ryan Lewis

Section 11: Social Media

Facebook –

Instagram –

Twitch – TBD

League Email: TBD


Current League Sponsors/Partners:



Race Broadcaster: Extreme Sim TV

Official Series Logo Created by: Emily Romsky (July 2021)

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