The Lionheart IndyCar Series was founded in 2014 by a group of like-minded racers who wanted to take American open-wheel racing on iRacing to the next level. From its initial 16-race season, Lionheart has grown exponentially and now offers 2 broadcasted premier open-wheel racing leagues. Lionheart runs races nearly every week from March until December.

The Lionheart IndyCar Series uses the Dallara IR-18 chassis to create the ultimate test of speed and racing discipline. We showcase our league and our drivers at some of the most popular and exciting venues of recent years. Our goal is to emulate as closely as possible the real world IndyCar Series.
The Lionheart Retro Series uses the high horsepower Lotus 79 model recreating the glory days of IndyCar from the 1970’s and 80’s. Manufactured before the advent of drivers aids or electronics, this car and this series showcase the raw racing talent of its drivers. The Lotus’s are designed with quick acceleration and power which makes for a very difficult car to control.

Both Lionheart leagues are “Fixed Setup” racing leagues. All drivers are provided the same engineered setup with limited ability to make any adjustments to the car. This equalizes the field and makes the race entirely about ability and racing strategy. The racing is intense, and drivers are so focused that many drivers use real crew chiefs and spotters to help along the way.

Our racing is unmatched anywhere in iRacing, but what really sets Lionheart apart isn’t found on the track; it’s found in the spirit and the values of each of our members. Founded to carry on the memory of fallen IndyCar Champion Dan Wheldon; from day 1 Lionheart has put an incredibly strong emphasis on driver conduct both on and off the track. League members adhere to a very detailed rulebook which governs on-track and off-track actions ensuring a clean and respectful atmosphere for participants and sponsors.

Being a successful member of the Lionheart Series requires strong values such as dedication, compassion, hard-work and commitment. The day to day operations of the league itself are run by a team of 7 individuals dedicated to presenting the best product possible. Lionheart is seeking like-minded sponsors interested in showcasing their organization to an ever-growing audience.