January 23, 2021

For immediate release,

One week after having completed their first race of Season 3 at Daytona, the STRS admin team has some exciting news to announce.

In deals that came together very quickly the admin team is proud to announce mergers and creation of two additional ladder type series that will be run under the Smoking Tires Racing Series banner.

Up first the STRS admin team met with Richard Ketch, owner of the InsideLine Racing League, and came to an agreement of merging InsideLine Racing League with Smoking Tires and creating a new series that will run on Monday nights using the SK & Tour Modified cars.

This new series will be known as Smoking Tires – InsideLine Modified Tour.

Creation of the Season 1 schedule, rule book and admin team will start immediately and should be introduced soon.  Recruitment is also open for all drivers interested in joining.

In a separate meeting an agreement was made with Reece Kelva from Texas Family Racing where a Saturday Night Trucks Series will be created. This will be a continuation of the former STRS Wednesday Night Trucks Series but it will be managed in conjunction with TFR member Matthew Fleming who will be the lead admin of the series.

Creation of what would be Season 3, a schedule, rule book and additional admin team members will also start immediately and should be introduced soon.  

The Truck Series logo and potential sponsor will also be announced soon.

And last but not least in a very busy week. Series sponsor Adam Chapman Designs has decided to close up shop and is no longer affiliated with the STRS.

With that being said an agreement was quickly put together with Ram Designs who will become an official STRS sponsor.  Details of the agreement will follow.

The admin team wants to thank each and every member for their continued support of the STRS and hope that their stay in the league is what they expect. As we grow the league we do not want to lose our focus and goals and are always listening to what the drivers have to say to help make this one of the best run series on iracing.


Michael Jennings – League Owner

Justin Bissonette – Admin

Robert Blouin – Admin

Adam Ball – Admin

Chadd Hatlevig – Admin

Richard Ketch – Admin InsideLine Modified Tour

Mathew Fleming – Admin Truck Series

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