STRS – League Address

Here is what Season 3 might end up looking like for the Smoking Tires Racing Series.

Post Season 2, the STRS active roster list will be gone through and drivers asked if they want to remain part of the league or not. Those not wish to continue will be removed from the active roster.
The STRS is only wanting drivers who will be committed to the league and who show up week in week out. The league has stated in the rules that drivers who are unable to make a race for any reason must be contacting the admin team to let them know.

League Series will be reduced as the STRS will only focus on one major series.
This will be the Sunday Night Cup Series.
• Season will consist of a 20 race schedule that will include 3 drops weeks.
• Season scheduled to start on January 31st 2021 and run until June 27 2021.
• There are also 2 off weekends. (Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day)
The previously posted Season 3 track selection may be altered as the admin team looks to adjust to maximize potential participation. Past tracks with a poor attendance may be replaced with tracks considered more popular.

Wednesday nights will now be used as an open hosted recruiting session. Sessions will be found in the hosted section and not in the league sessions pages.
• Sessions will be two hours long.
• 1/2-hour practice session
• 5- or 10-minute qualifying session (based on Oval or Road)
• Leaving 1 hour 20 minutes to get the race session in.
• Race will be half distance of the scheduled Sunday night race or time limit due to cautions.
• Fixed Set-ups & 1 Reset
• No tire set limits.
• 1 Stage with Caution being thrown.

Sunday Night Cup Series
• Sessions will be 3 hours long.
• 50- or 55-minutes practice session to allow drivers time to enter
• 5- or 10-minutes qualifying session (based on Oval or Road)
• Race session will be 2 hours – Either total scheduled laps or time limit due to cautions.
• Fixed Set-ups – 1 reset only on Superspeedways and Road Courses
• XX allotted tires per race session – Amount TBD based on Wednesday practice Sessions.
• 2 Stages, Stage laps will be TBD with Cautions being thrown.
• Top 10 will receive stage points (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1)
• Bonus points for Pole, leading a lap, leading most laps, and having No Inc.
• Reduced penalty points. -1 for 8 inc, Drivers who get 17x will be disqualified from the race.
• Final track selections are TBD
• Road Courses are set at 175 miles
• Short Ovals, and 1.5-mile tracks are set at 200 miles
• Tracks larger than 2 miles are set at 250 miles
• It was suggested we do one full length race, Track TBD.

Cost to drivers if applicable, will be based on various criteria.
• If the League decides to not broadcast the races, then there will be no cost to the drivers. Donations may be accepted to help cover session costs but is not required.
• If the league decides to be broadcasted, and only with 80%+ of the committed driver’s approval, then the cost for each race will need to be collected. Currently we have an offer on the table at a rate of $30 per race (Not per hour). So, we would have to come up with $600. If we are able to secure a series sponsor the actual cost could be reduced.
• If drivers are wanting season ending payouts, trophy or prizes, then a minimal driver entry fee will be required. Amount TBD based on committed driver’s input.

If any drivers has any further input, ideas or requests, please send them into the admin team, We will review them and see if/how they fit into the series.

Thanks, your admin team

Robert Blouin
Michael Jennings
Justin Bissonnet
Adam Ball
Chadd Hatlevig

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