Season 2 of the UCORA Throwback Indycar Season continues to put on a good show with Broadcast partner GSRC (Global Sim Racing Channel).

Chris Stofer for the second week in a row finds himself celebrating a huge win. Stofer lead a race high 64 laps at in extended race. Originally only scheduled for 100 laps drivers got a bonus 33 laps in due to an error when the session was created. The race stewards were advised of the error about 12 laps into the race and decided against restarting the race and made the call to continue to lap 133.

23 drivers took the green flag, a league record, with only 2 drivers failing to finish. Richard Swavely had connections issues and new comer Timothy Bates retired after completing 37 laps. A total of 7 drivers finished the race at least one lap down.

For the second week in a row there was only a single yellow flag, but this time it came out early on lap 10.

Team DFR driver Robert Blouin showed some speed during the practice sessions but could do better than 16th during qualifying.

Blouin lost one place during the first green flag run prior to the caution period at lap 10 but with a good pit stop came back to the green flag restarting in 10th.

Over the next green flag run Blouin kept his laps clean and consistent before he took his first green flag pit stop on lap 46. As he left the pits, Blouin lost the draft and had no help and gradually lost track position making his way down to 19th place.

Blouin made up a couple of positions again before having the make his second green flag stop on lap 77. But when leaving the pits he was unable to catch on to any pack of cars and was losing time as he had no draft help.

Blouin decided to make his third and final pit stop on lap 99 and hoped the race stayed green until the end as it seem some of the leaders were going to try to stretch their fuel and hope for a late caution.

As cars started to make their final pit stops with under 10 laps to go Blouin was able to maintain his pace and pick up position and bring his car home with an 11th place finish.

The Race 2 Replay can be viewed on GSRC AUTO CLUB


The next Throwback race is Mar 12 2020 at the Circuit of the Americas, the first road race of the season.






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